Captive Insurance Programs

We help businesses successfully navigate the alternative insurance maze. Rather than opting for traditional insurance, businesses can form Captive Insurance Programs and Risk Retention Groups (RRG) to protect themselves from loss.  We provide complete Captive and RRG formation solutions.  We take a creative and entrepreneurial approach backed by strong technical experience in alternative and traditional insurance. Over the past decade, we have formed more Risk Retention Groups than any other captive manager, empowering businesses with innovative and workable solutions that enable them to reap the full benefits of today’s alternatives in risk financing and insurance.

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We are a full service manager with expertise in forming and operating Captives and Risk Retention Groups. We provide complete solutions from conceptual and feasibility analysis to daily operations and management, including formation and structure, financial and NAIC reporting, regulatory compliance, underwriting and policy holder services, as well as reinsurance and fronting intermediary services.

Our knowledgeable team of captive experts will provide you with a personalized and unique experience, where our solutions are customized and specialized to your induvial needs. Unlike our large multinational competitors, our small team of highly experienced professionals can provide personalized, flexible and focused services rather than just providing template solutions.