Workers’ Compensation

Business is more than transactions and sales. Business is people. When people run well, businesses run well. Taking good care of people is a top priority, but sometimes accidents happen. Our teams understand their unique industries. With decades of experience, our Workers’ Compensation teams can craft the solution that prepares for the unexpected. When unfortunate events do happen, everyone can rest assured that the business and employees will be taken care of.

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We serve employers in the aviation industry that want to reduce their risk of loss and enjoy superior services worldwide.

With a focus on contractors and main street businesses, we handle workers’ compensation for restaurants, doctor offices, hair salons, retail stores and more.

Our Cannabis Workers’ Compensation insurance program covers medical expenses, lost wages and rehabilitation costs for employees who are injured or become ill in the course and scope of their

We capitalize on our underwriters’ technical experience and provide specialized solutions to middle market contractors.

We combine our local expertise with the strength and stability of our top rated carriers to deliver smarter solutions for guaranteed cost programs.

Based in the Southeast & Midwest, we skillfully underwrite and add comprehensive in-house services for WC clients across multiple industries. We partner with multi-tiered carriers to provide competitive pricing for agents.