Surety Bonds

Underwritten by multiple top rated carriers, our contractor bonds programs are supported by a surety division that is dedicated to providing exceptional levels of service. We make it easy for contractors to understand their choices and requirements and to secure the proper surety bonds for their business. In addition, many of our surety bonds have same day turnaround.

To learn more, visit an Amynta company that specializes in Surety Bonds.

We specialize in making it quick and easy for small business construction and artisan contractor businesses to secure surety bonds.

Amynta Surety Solutions offers unparalleled underwriting expertise across the commercial surety market. The company focuses on the Fortune 1000 market, large private account business, and specialty market niches where risk selection and loss mitigation are critical.

Our Cannabis Surety Bonds are provided for businesses and organizations who wish to receive a license as mandated by the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act. Each surety bond has three sides – the principal (your business), the obligee (the government), and the surety (the third party providing the bond). It’s the job of the surety to assure the obligee that the principal will fulfill their contractual obligations.