Additional Warranty Products

Vehicles are a central part of everyone’s daily life, and we rely on them to keep our lives running. When we have trouble with our vehicle, it can be a major interference in our life. We have an extensive suite of products that millions of customers rely on every day for their new or used automobiles, vans, light trucks, recreational vehicles, powersports and watercraft. Coverage areas include tire and wheel, windshield, dent and ding, paint and fabric, extended mileage, mechanical breakdown, theft and more. In addition, we support our products with excellent customer service and in dealership training and development to drive high performance and success.

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We are a full service agency working directly with dealerships to develop customized warranty solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of their customers and their businesses.

We are a leading finance and insurance provider to the Canadian automotive industry, offering a comprehensive portfolio of additional warranty products supported by results driven training and development.

Our portfolio of aftermarket ancillary products features comprehensive coverage with multi-option bundles that remove many exclusions, enabling us to deliver speedy claims service.

We have strong relationships throughout the industry, allowing us to extend a full suite of additional automotive protection products that minimize out of pocket expenses, offer peace of mind and provide financial security.

AAGI offers an industry-leading portfolio of innovative vehicle protection products that boost dealer business while providing drivers extra peace of mind.

We are a strategic partner to large automotive dealer groups, providing guaranteed revenue growth through accountability, coaching, and marketing with a proven team of coaches. We offer a complete line of products customized for the needs of each dealer group and have support for your team 24 hours a day.

We are a strategic partner to automotive dealer groups, providing F&I solutions, training, products and development. We offer a comprehensive list of warranty products and services. Visit our website to look at our “Menu of Opportunity” brochure!